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Spotlight | Bartles Family

Please welcome the amazing Bartles Family of 14 from Clearwater to Feeding the Fosters Inc Nonprofit. They recently received a sibling placement of 3 and meals would be a blessing to help this busy foster family. Amy and Ed both work full time and they have been foster parents to over 150 children in the past 18 years.

“Our journey began when our daughter, Laura Marie passed away shortly after birth. The day she passed away, we went home from the hospital and without even thinking turned on the news. There was a story of a baby that had been found in a dumpster and had passed away. I would have given my life for my child and yet, here was a baby someone had thrown out like trash. How could they? For months and months I could barely function. Some days I wouldn’t even get out of bed. At the time we had no idea, but God had a plan, and it was already in process. As I laid in my tears in the middle of one dark night, I ask God for the will and strength to get up. I told him I would spend my life in service to him. Over the next days I did get up, It wasn’t easy... but one day at a time. With many prayers, I did. We checked into being foster parents a couple of times, but didn’t want to expose our very young children to the behaviors we were told that kids with trauma come into care with. Finally, when our youngest bio child was in middle school we took our map classes and were officially foster parents. The very first night 4 young children were placed into our home. We have children all over the county that we keep in contact with. It’s not always easy, and we have cried a river of tears, both happy and sad. To this very day I remember the deal I made with God. I am so blessed he gave the me the strength and will to live. My job as a foster parent is to keep my kids safe and make new memories with them to replace the not so good ones. When things are crazy here, I can take breath and smile, knowing I am doing His work and I am never alone. As for the daughter that passed away, we will see her again. I love to rock babies, and she will be there to rock for all eternity.”

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