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Spotlight | Crum Family

Tammy and Dave have grown biological boys and they were therapeutic foster parents for teenage boys for 3 years. We met them when they were cottage parents at the Florida Sheriff’s Youth Ranch for 2 and a half years. There, they met and connected to 4 siblings that lived in their cottage. Ultimately, they decided to resign, sell their home in Fort Meyers, and raise these siblings in their own home so that they would not be separated. Renting in Clearwater to keep the kids near their mentors and friends has been difficult. Both Tammy and Dave work multiple jobs to stay afloat. They continue to take in foster children and had two successful reunifications. Dave was a foster child, and he is very still close to the parents who raised him. Tammy said, “I have always wanted to have a huge home full of children. It is very hard, and stressful, but at the same time, so rewarding! I could not explain the gift God has given Dave and I both. I do know I could not do this alone. What is next in our lives, we do not know, but I hope it is full of joy, and I hope we can continue to help others. Just like others have helped us.”

Sign up here to provide the Crum family with a meal at their home in Safety Harbor.

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