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We are featuring one of our very first Feeding the Fosters families. Brandy Swager never had children of her own but knew she wanted to be a mother. She has had the 3 boys since October 2017. “I thought I was just getting just one child, an eight-month-old, and then quickly found out he had two older brothers. I knew I wanted to make sure they could stay together. They have taught me a lot during the time I’ve had them and truly believe everything happens for a reason.” Currently, she is working from home as an ESE specialist at a local elementary, trying to homeschool the boys, and keep up with their therapies, all as a single parent. “The meals that I haven’t gotten has been such a blessing. If you’ve ever tried cooking with a 3, 4, and 5-year-old boys running around, you would know it’s a bit challenging. There is nothing better than getting to sit down and enjoy a meal together. My boys love being adventurous with food, they haven’t really found anything they don’t like. They even get excited about vegetables!”

Ways to help:

We realize she lives a little further than some can drive so if we can find families close to her that are willing to cook that is great!

If anyone is willing to deliver a donated meal please reach out.

Gift cards to local restaurants are always appreciated and you can message us for her contact.

Sign up to Feed the Swager Family!

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