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Spotlight | Slavik Family

Our next family spotlight is the Slavik Family. Aaron and Jolene will celebrate 21 years together this year. They talked about adoption/foster care early on, always focused on making a difference in a child’s life. Aaron and Jolene were able to have two children of their own after being told by doctors they could not. (God always has a plan much greater than man.)

Their oldest, Jonathan, is in his senior year at Dunedin High School and is involved in theater and choir. Thanks to many of you, he is headed to Guatemala on a mission trip with Harborside in March. Allie, their daughter, is an 8th grader at Skycrest Christian School and will finish out the year playing two sports simultaneously (softball for Dunedin Rec and soccer, track and softball for school). Again, thanks to many of you, she was able to attend a school trip to Washington D.C. for her senior class trip.

In 2013, God moved the family to Florida from Minnesota. They met the sweetest friends who later became foster parents. After babysitting for their friend’s foster child and falling in love, they decided to begin fostering. Aaron and Jolene, with the support of Jonathan and Allie, became licensed Foster Parents in June of 2016. They have seen approximately 15 kids come through their home. Some for a day, some for over a year. The Slavik house is currently a home of 9. They have six children in four different schools/daycares, many extra-curricular activities, volunteer opportunities they participate in and with God, they manage to juggle it all.

Their motto: “We will love and care for every child who comes in our home whether for a day or a lifetime, pointing each one to God and all He has for them.”

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