Volunteer Signups

Would you consider taking a night to cook weekly, monthly, or even a one-time commitment to make or buy dinner for a foster family?

We would love to see our community rally behind these foster families and 

relieve the stress of shopping and cooking dinner daily so that they can spend time

at medical and therapy appointments and finish homework with multiple children.


The goal is to make healthy, homemade, store bought or restaurant prepared meals


show love and support for local foster families. We can help financially by providing

meals, and spare the families the time spent grocery shopping and preparing meals.

All sign-ups are below.

Please read the description and include what food you will be providing.

Thank you so much!

Volunteer Checklist



Fill out the FTF Volunteer Form and send a completed PDF to our email: feedingthefostersinc@gmail.com

or to our P.O. box: 2519 McMullen Booth Rd Suite 510-214, Clearwater, FL 33761.

Select a foster family to serve by city below and sign up for a date and time using the Sign Up Genius link.


Text the foster family using the phone number provided on the Sign Up Genius link, at least 24 hours prior to your chosen time to confirm delivery time/location and what meal you are providing.


Share the mission with your family and friends!

Post on social media, log your volunteer hours, or work as a team serving our community.

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Lexie Vanderweit

Feeding the Vanderweit Family of 6 Sign Up

Safety Harbor


Brandy Swager

Feeding the Swager Family of 5 Sign Up


Amanda Carlson

Feeding the Carlson Family of 5 Sign Up

Claudia Jeffrey

Feeding the Jeffrey Family of 10 Sign Up

Kristen Otis

Feeding the Otis Family of 9 Sign Up

Cassandra Boisvert

Feeding the Boisvert Family of 10 (will pick up) Sign up

Dara Jackson

Feeding the Jackson Family of 3 Sign Up

Tripp Family

Feeding the Tripp Family of 7 Sign up

Duclos Family

Feeding the Duclos Family of 7 Sign up

New Port Richey

Kelly Mabin Rushing

Feeding the Kelly Family of 10 Sign Up

Jackey Morgan

Feeding the Morgan Family of 9 Sign Up

Palm Harbor

Tammy Crum

Feeding The Crum Family of 7 Sign Up

Kay Bee Burtelsons

Feeding the Burtelsons Family of 8 Sign Up

Jolene Slavik

Feeding the Slavik Family of 9 Sign Up

Julia Strong

Feeding the Strong Family of 5 Sign up

Gibney Family

Feeding the Gibney Family of 4 Sign Up

Paula Fawell

Feeding the Fawell Family of 3 Sign Up

Wendy and Jason DeRee

Feeding the DeRee Family of 4 Sign Up

Gordy Family- Alysyn and Jesse

Feeding the Gordy Family of 7 Sign Up


Todd and Kelly Brown

Feeding the Brown Family of 8 Sign Up

Jacklyn Logemann

Feeding the Logemann Family of 14 Sign Up

Ania and Mike Barnes

Feeding the Barnes Family of 4 Sign Up

Bartles Family

Feeding the Bartles Family of 14 Sign up

Trelka Family

Feeding the Trelka Family of 4 Sign up

Manders Family

Feeding the Manders Family of 8 Sign up

Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranch

Egan Cottage

Feeding 13 Friends at The Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranch (Egan Cottage) Sign Up

Sals Cottage: Pamela Smart-Oxford and Kevin Oxford

Feeding 13 Friends at The Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranch (Sals Cottage) Sign Up


Shannon Hoff

Feeding the Hoff Family of 3 Sign up